3 Dec 2013

Warlords of Draenor Expansion Announced

So it most certainly took them some time, but eventually Blizzard came up with the title and some details about their next expansion. And this blog here present is supposed to be tracking the progress as it is made on it. Basically the beta testing has yet to begin and only major info is as of yet known about what might happen and how are things going to change with this expansion.

Except for the official website and some other famous gaming blogs we have quite little info on the whereabouts of the new expansion for World of Warcraft, but I guess they will have to suffice for now , because you know, we basically have the trailer and some presentations of what seem to be the starting areas of each faction alongside some updated model changes. But let's take a look at the trailer before moving on with our little intro:

Warlords of Draenor Trailer 

So to say the action moves back to Outland in terms of location and back in time in terms of temporality, which is kinda cool if you stand and think of it. Seeing Draenor as the lush, verdant place it was before the destruction that left it scarred and riddled with demonic taint forever was most certainly pretty high on my wishlist for this expansion as well. 

The main story will be revolving around the Iron Horde, the old version of the Horde led by the mighty warriors here presented (hence the name of the expansion). Out of which you might recognize some old faces that became either friends or foes through the long history of Azeroth. 

In terms of game changes the biggest improvement comes with the feature that allows players who will have bought the expansion to instantly (yeah you heard that right) level ONE (just one!!!) character to level 90 and start exploring Draenor right away. Not quite advisable for noobs, but they, nothing is after all, right?

And there are still some other changes which I'll probably discuss in some future posts (given that there will be such posts), but for now I'll just tell you that I've also put together a messed up post on another blog and if you wana check it out just drop by this link right here New Wow Expansion: Warlords of Draenor and check it out! And just before I leave, let me tell you that you should really consider getting a serious guide for issues like gold/leveling/raiding/spec (think of Dugi, Zygor or Tycoon for patch 6.0) in order to help you get that extra edge right after the expansion will be launched! 

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