7 Jul 2014

Final Pre-Warlords of Draenor Gold Update

Damn long time no see ... I honestly don't know how the hell did I manage to dilly dally things for so long. It is quite needless to say that there are a shitload of updates that we can talk about on this lovely new expansion, but for all those endless talks I'll just point you towards one of my favorite Warcraft oriented youtubers, Nobbel87, look him up and enjoy all the lore you can carry. Before I get into some more serious Warlords Updates that were already made public by Blizz, I would like to take a few minutes and remind you that when the expansion will be lauched there will be a boom in terms of guide demans and so obviously all the guide providers will be pumping up their prices during that time. So if you haven't signed up for any Warcraft Guide / Addon provider you might want to consider joining now while everything is still on sale (that is valid for both Blizzard and third party guides and addon providers).


Quite recently I discussed one of the latest updates made on Tycoon Gold Addon by the chaps from Dynasty, in that they updated their gold making guide with some of the latest tips and tricks on both gold farming and auction house tips to be perfectly working with the changes done to the game by patch 5.4.8 (released about a month ago and hotfixed frequently ever since). If you want you can find and read that article over by Tycoon Guide Update @strategy-game-guides.com or just look it up in the feed from the sidebar (if it's still there). Anyways almost anyone agrees that patch 5.4.8 should be the final if not among the final updates that will pave the way for the Warlords of Draenor launch. Such as it is Tycoon Guide by Dynasty will be (as it was so far) one of the best tools for making gold without any doubt in Warlords just like it was in Mists of Pandaria. Now enough with the guides, next time, which should be soon enough, we'll be talking a little about some of the many changes that will occur once the expansion comes out.

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