27 Sep 2014

Warlords of Draenor Beta Updates

About a week ago the fellas from Blizz have released the patch notes with several updates on version 6.0.2 with all the possible content that we might just look up to. Among many other updates and changes to the game we will enjoy a nice stacking up of trade goods till 200 (about time, really) and other interesting features such as the "undelete" possibility of characters (another brilliant idea) and off course the small preview of the in-game events that will follow the ending of Mists and beginning of the Warlords section in the story of Warcraft. For a more extensive look and comments on all these updates do swing by Warlords of Draenor 6.0.2 Comments & Guides and take a good hard look at that huge article that took me over four hours to take from draft to finished product. Before we end this on a happy note do allow me to share with you the latest and possibly last episode from the Lords of War mini-series: Maraad.

Lords of War (5) - Maraad

Well then with these being told I do assume it would be time to slowly take my goodbye and tell you that with just about a month separting us from the launch of what seems to be the most badass Warcraft expansion to date things are actually starting to look pretty good for both players and staff members, however up until we can draw the line and say wether things truly went accordingly there still is a long time and plenty of patches to go through.

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