15 Aug 2014

Warlords Cinematic, Launch Date and Lords of War!

Yesterday, Blizz did the honors and finally unveiled the cinematic for Warlords of Draenor that nicely presents the pivotal moment in history that changes everything and began the forming of the Iron Horde. It has as major protagonists some of our favorite orcs (especially after the Siege of Orgrimmar), Garrosh, his father Grommash, Gul'dan and off course Mannaroth! Now the cinematic is pretty awesome, but it wasn't the only thing released yesterday on the official World of Warcraft channel. Lords of War and yet another sneak peek at all the brand new content from the upcoming expansion was released as well. In case you haven't seen the cinematic and part one of the mini series just yet, I will be posting them right here as well:

Warlords of Draenor Cinematic - Rise of the Iron Horde

Lords of War - The Shattered Hand

We can say that from the storyline perspective, Blizzard has done an amazing job this time as well and if everything goes according to plan this expansion should most certainly be one of the most badass ones so far, maybe just as good as the first one (Burning Crusade) or even better (given all the character changes and all the other enhancements). Still in terms of gameplay we may yet encounter plenty of problems and issues such as farmvilleing (I'm referring here to the garrison system in the way in which it was presented), but still let's just hope it will work out well. Overall I assume everything looks good and can't wait to enjoy the new content and maybe even get a nice head start at some point. Also for a more detailed article drop by one of my other blogs and read it right here: Warlords of Draenor Cinematic and Launch. There I tackle these subjects and some more in a more serious (give or take) manner and also make several extra recommendations, which you should also check out. So then till 13.11.2014 I guess we can start counting down and we'll see that there really aren't all that many days left. 

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