19 Nov 2014

The Warlords and their 6.0.3 Hotfixes

So as I assume most of you WoW players out there know, the 5th expansion for World of Warcraft has been out for almost a week now and it has been going strong since ... Well more or less, if we don't take into account all the server crashes and overalods and all the other insanely idiotacal stuff that hides behind the well consectrated phrase "We are looking into it" - As if they wouldn't know what the bloody problems were. But they sort of managed to finally "pinpoint" the issues and released a mini-patch to update them pesky errors, thus another instance of patch 6.0.3 is out (don't ask me which one is it).


Anyways when we finally got to play we managed to explore a little and enjoy the benefits of the new and improved savage world and all its amazing flora and fauna (this one includes all the ogres, arakkoa, gronns and whatever else might come to mind). And the verdict on all of it is that it all looks amazing and the gameplay changes are certainly starting to reflect in the playstyle as well, especially with the squish and the elimination of so many useless abilities while enhancing the core ones.


And one final thought, if you haven't yet had time to check out the brand new Zygor Guides, updated with all the datamined WoD content, I suggest you do so immediately because the response that I had with that recommendation was just simply amazing so far and it still goes on strong after all this time. Finally if you wish to read more on the topic here's an article I wrote on the day of the launch - Warlords of Draenor Launch - complete with all the references and videos you might want and some you don't!

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