15 Feb 2015

WoW Patch 6.1 (PTR) Updates

Been a long time ... Been busy doing stuff and catching up on the whole story from Draenor and trying to keep that goddamned garrison mini-game happy (seriously the darned garrison is a huge pain in the ass - it might be cool to have help and all that, but maintaining it is hard work - But you know all that I'm sure). Anyways, the latest news is that pretty soon we will finally get to see the newest and most badass content from patch 6.1 (which includes a lot of not so badass updates like: selfie camera, heirloom archive and the dumbest recruit-a-friend achievement to date - pretty cool mount tho).


And now for the good news ... For all you sick pervs playing Blood Elf ladies just to fatasize about them I got a good news and a bad news. The good news is that they finally get their model updated and look even more awesome than they did back in BC. The bad news they are still naked and Blizzard will not release any supported nude skin patches anytime soon (don't worry I am sure that some sick mods just like all the rest of us are already working on all that, so you'll be covered and up until that comes out there is always the "rule 34" of the interet that applies to WoW). Here's a smaple of the updated model (it actually looks like a model - more or less Victoria's Secret stuff):


In conclusion this new patch brings about plenty of fun and cool updates alongside the good old boring in-game fixes of whatever minor bugs the playerbase detected since the last hotfix (which really wasn't all that long if you think of it). More info and a couple more rants alongside with some already outdated info can be found on my longer post right here: WoW 6.1 Guides and Updates which in case you don't have anything better to do I invite you to check out and share and subscribe and all that, but while we are at it, check back at any time later cause I am sure to have some more updates ready by then.

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