1 Jun 2015

Warlords Losses Subs before 6.2

It has been some time since this has been all over, however I did not cover it just yet, cause of objective reasons (as in I did not had time to keep this blog updated as well). But anyways now that I finally managed to spare a few minutes of my precious time, I though that sharing a couple thoughts on the matter would be quite good.

As you most certainly know a lot of people have quit WoW because of various reasons and to put it simply the possible ending to this is the fact that they will return when new content (patch 6.2) will come out in order to raid the new raid and maybe test a few features, however the other conclusion to this might be the fact that once they finished raiding they won't even bother to come back and play anything anymore since Wow is finally starting to show its age and lack of new content for what could have been an awesome le-launch expansion. Anyways DD covered in much more details and with plenty of other references to everyone covering it so here's the video and enjoy:

Yeah, well ... Try not to stare at the thumbnail for too long and no there are no Blood elf tits in the video, just a Danger Dolan gnome running around in a selfie video (cause again that is the most you can do other than stay in the Garrison and do daily errands, cause we all know how well that worked out). But let us not strech this further than it has too. On a side note I also published a small article where I talk a little about the pros and cons of the upcoming 6.2 patch content, you can find the article right here: WoW 6.2 Features Talk.

And this should be about it, now do please check out the video, read the article and keep up your apexis dailies in case you haven't given up on them just yet, but just in case you are not overhyped for yet another Arena PvP / BG with Blizzard's trademark on it (Heroes of the Storm) that is coming out tommorow, then you really should check it out and just do as everyone else and play that while waiting for the testing on patch 6.2 to finish. Or just play whatever makes you happy, the choice is all yours!

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