16 Jul 2015

Patch 6.2 - The end of Wow or just this blog?

So guys patch 6.2 got released about a month ago and with it came the very unexpected and non clicheic ending of them all that no one has ever even seen before in no other game in the whole white world. Seriosuly now, the ending sucked, big time! And as luck would have it I didn't renew my subscription just yet to enjoy it ... Cause I really wouldn't have enjoyed it that much at all. Anyways the game has become quite stagnanat for me and I finally think I became oversaturated with it, so I believe it is time to move on. Sure I will keep an eye on the news, I'm curious about how the movie will turn out and I will still probably return and do some pvp or arenas now and then at some point, but other than that I am done with WoW and as things are starting to show the game is kind of showing signs of being done with itself as well. Certainly Blizzard moves on to bigger and better, but WoW will always remain their baby and even it ends up being entirely free to play or will be shutdown alltogether the game will always remain a landmark and all the good memories people shared within that beautiful world of Azeroth will be keenly remembered long after the servers and characters are gone and done for.

Implicitly this means I am shutting down this blog as well and I will not be posting anything anymore on it, unless they make it really good or something, but anyways the expansion is done for and so this blog has outlived its purpose. Either way there won't be any more posts around and also I have finally decided to discontinue my main gaming blog as well and that too will be updated with some final posts that I still wanted to write and when the timer goes down next summer it will be gone for good and all my work for the past three years will be vanquished in the blink of an eye ... As such it was a fun ride and a good time writing all this, but now I wish you all a happy life and a good time gaming for whenever you play whatever you will be playing!

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